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This book is not an orthodox fiction, it is not a self-help book – it IS a self-discovery book to enlighten persons interested in finding keys to unlock their own life’s questions.  The trilogy Split is an accumulation of some hard-won answers as to how we learn to persevere.  

The trilogy Split is a story of several girl’s lives; their stories unfold over three 20 year periods. The trilogy Split is in part about how shame can cast a dark, tangled net over our psyches.  Unless we remain true to our real selves, that black net keeps us in darkness wearing rose-colored glasses, wandering the Streets of Denial -  most of our lives.

The author, Cheryl Reich/Bills, began writing her own story decades ago when she looked into a mirror and saw the reflection of someone she used to be. In an attempt at self-preservation, she began writing journals.  Years later after persevering through many trials, she re-read those journals and thought: “How did I survive?”  “Why did that happen?  “Why didn’t I see the darkness?”

In mid-life Cheryl became a wounded healer – a social worker helping others learn how to persevere though their trials. Cheryl has worked for over twenty years with youth at risk and victims of violence in many different roles. Someone said that social workers are the guardians of suffering souls here on Earth. Cheryl believes this may be true.  She hopes that The trilogy Split will inspire readers to search out answers to unanswered questions  – finding the keys to unlock their own stories.

The trilogy Split is dedicated to those souls who are learning that surviving is a process with the victory of living an authentic life.


Cheryl Reich/Bills, BSSW, MSC.

Cheryl Bills - Split Bio Cheryl's Corner Letters from Readers Aging with Grace
Cheryl    Reich Bills

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Social workers, psychologists and social scientists with an interest in family issues have much to gain in understanding the pressured experiences of young girls as they journey through the tumultuous teen years.

Parents have the potential to support (or confuse) teenagers during this vital developmental stage.

Cheryl Bills offers illustrations to clarify how a mix of relationships - with parents, girlfriends and lovers have the potential to provide support (or not!) for young people on their journey to adulthood.   

Split is an eye opener!

Dr. Ruth Pigott-Jenssen

Split is a book for all ages.  It is a unique work and exemplifies the struggles that so many endure as adolescents and as adults.

Written in an intriguing format, Split will hold your attention and leave you thinking...questioning...waiting...for the answers in Book II.

Janet Koch, B.S. Psychology (emphasis in research and education)

Every woman will find parts of herself in each one of these intriguing characters, perhaps expressed differently - yet still seeing the deep inner knowing of common threads.

Meeting these girls, and following them through adolescence, highlights ones own childhood - leading to young adulthood.

Reading Split can lead to a greater understanding, acceptance- YES, deliverance of self.

Carolyn Helget, M.A., M.S.

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