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Cheryl    Reich Bills

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"An artist is someone who cannot rest, who can never rest as long as there is one suffering creature in this world.  Along with Plato's divine madness there is also divine discontent, a longing to find the melody in the discords of chaos, the rhyme in the cacophony, the surprised smile in time of stress or strain.

It is not that what is is not enough, for it is; it is that what is had been disarranged and is crying out to be put in place. Perhaps the artist longs to sleep well every night, to eat anything without indigestion, to feel no moral qualms, to turn off the television news and make a bologna sandwich after seeing the devastation and death caused by famine and draught and earthquake and flood. But the artist cannot manage this normalcy. Vision keeps breaking through and must find means of expression."

Madeleine L' Engle

  To my Child:

I worry if you are tired or discouraged & how your day has been.

I pray that you are happy and surrounded by friends & family.

A part of me still need to hear those things from you.

Many days, I know you are busy, but a simple “Hello, I’m fine”

Will definitely do…

You’re an adult now and you have told me so!

But the parent in me can never completely let you go,

As you will always be by baby deep in my mind and

Sometimes I just need to hear,

“Hello Mom, I’m doing fine.”

       Cheryl Reich Bills

       January 13, 2016